Product Features

  • Collects belt links and cartridges, preventing them from causing injuries to people, equipment and the environment.
  • The design allows quick and straightforward attachment to the buffermount, and detachment when emptying out cartridges and belt links.
  • The top of the link and cartridge collector can be folded for easy access to the cocking handle.
  • Fits all variants of the FN MAG 7.62 mm (M240) and FN MINIMI 5.56 mm (M249)
  • Fits Vinghøgs buffermount 1B and C• Interface: attached to the buffermount and secured with a lock lever without tools


  • Storage bag

Graphics & Dimensions – Link and cartridge collector 17B

For buffermount 1B

Graphics & Dimensions – Link and cartridge collector 17

For buffermount 1C


  Capacity: Up to 200 cartridges and belt links
  Weight: 0,9kg
  Material: Stainless steel frame and textile bag
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